Adding hyperlinks to tasks can help organize action items and manage internal processes. By creating hyperlinks, internal employees can easily access folders and files on your server, and clients are able to have direct access to URL addresses as part of a questionnaire on 

To Build a Hyperlink always enclose the syntax with “[ ]” brackets:

  • Folders: Folders are for internal documentation only which enables employees with access to PensionPro the ability to compare or contrast documents, save important files or manage documents for a defined purpose. To embed a hyperlink for a file follow this example:[S:\Sample Documents]. 
  • Documents: A link to a document on your server can be used for internal documentation only which enables employees to access a template or other document on your firm's server. To embed a hyperlink for documents, follow this example: [S:\Sample Documents\Sample Basic Plan Document.pdf]
  • URL Address: Linking to a URL address can be helpful in a specific task like the 5500 collection process for example, to allow for clients to link directly to a specific fidelity bond site, like Colonial Surety, or receive information on fidelity bonds. To embed a hyperlink to a specific URL address: []. To create hypertext: [](Click here) 

 To include a link on your PlanSponsorLink login page:

  • To include a link in your PlanSponsorLink Login Screen Messages, you will need to use the HTML tag format. To embed a hyperlink, it will need to be formatted as follows:
    <a href="">Click Here</a>


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