How-To: Hyperlinks in Projects

Adding hyperlinks to tasks can help organize action items and manage internal processes. By creating hyperlinks, internal employees can easily access folders and files on a firm's server, and clients are able to have direct access to URL addresses as part of a questionnaire on 


Local Folders & Documents

If an Employee performing work on a Project is instructed to access a folder or file via a local path (such as on a shared network drive), the path can be inserted into a Task Item by placing it in brackets, as in the following example:


  • [S:\Sample Documents]


This will not create a hyperlink to the location, as PensionPro is unable to open local files and folders directly from a web browser. Instead, this will allow the Employee to click on the path name to copy it to the clipboard, where it can be pasted into the address bar of a file explorer program. For more information, refer to the article Local Directories & Paths.


External URLs

For content not accessible locally, a hyperlink to an external URL can be added in the same manner:


  • []


This link is not click-to-copy, as is the case for local files and folders. Instead, the URL will open in a new browser tab.


Note: PensionPro will automatically parse a URL into a clickable link if inserted into the Task Item without brackets. However, if the hyperlink will be used by clients on PlanSponsorLink, the URL should be placed into brackets, as PSL will not otherwise parse it as a clickable link.


To use custom text in the hyperlink—as opposed to the user seeing the URL itself—add the desired text in parentheses directly after the closing bracket, with no space in between, such as in the following example:


  • [](Click here)