Importing Client and Plan Data (Desktop)

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The initial population of client and plan data into PensionPro requires that a pre-formatted excel data sheet be completed for import. Prior to importing make sure that the data is accurate and complete. Users can utilize the Clients/Plans Import Power Tool to access the import template and import their data.

Tier Availability: All Product Tiers

Security Rights Required: Access Power Tools

The Client/Plan Data Import Template should only be used to import NEW information into PensionPro. It cannot be used to import changes to established data. Users can utilize the Field Update Power Tool to make such changes. 
To Import Client and Plan Information:
  1. Access the data sheet by clicking on Power Tools > Import > PensionPro Setup > Clients/Plan. A browser will open. Here click on the Download a Template button.
  2. Using the instructions below, organize and compile the data intended for import.
    • Save the template once it is complete.
    • List Values referenced in the template must be created in PensionPro prior to importing data.
  3. Import the data sheet in PensionPro by clicking on Power Tools > Import > PensionPro Setup > Clients/Plans. This will open the browser to the Client/Plan Import page. Here, the user can click the Select a Spreadsheet button to browse to the datasheet that has been saved and click Upload.
  4. Any errors encountered in importing the data will appear when the data is submitted for Import. Any changes that need to be made should be changed and then saved before trying to import the data again. Once all data has been scrubbed and the errors corrected, the import will show as completed once processed. All data must be formatted correctly before the import will complete.
  • Column headers found within the template should not be edited or deleted prior to importing. It will cause the import to not function.

Instructions Tab

  • A color-coded Column Legend with instructions. The color-coded columns in the spreadsheet allow the user to see what fields are required, related, recommended, or not required.
  • The Instructions tab should not be deleted or removed prior to importing.

Clients Tab

  • Required fields: Location Name, Client ID, Client Name, and Status
  • List Values: Client Category, Address Type, Client Number Type, Note Category, and Status.

Plans Tab

  • Required fields: Client ID, Plan ID, Plan Name, Plan Type, Administration Type, Plan Year End Month, Plan Year End Day, Service Effective Date, Status, PSL Enabled, and Distributions Enabled
  • List Values: Plan Category, Plan Group, Plan Type, Administration Type, Status, On-Hold Reason, QDIA Fund Name, Combo Plan, Filing Cycle, Valuation Frequency, Form 5500 Type, Client Servicing Level, IRA Rollover Provider, PBGC, Participant Statement Delivery, Payroll Contribution Calculation, Payroll Frequency, Remittance Type, Trading Platform, Claims Processing Location, and Note Category.

Note: List Values need to be created in Maintenance>List Values before importing data into PensionPro.


Checklist for avoiding errors upon import:

  • All required fields are entered
  • Client ID is entered for each client and contains between 3 and 25 characters. Client ID can be alphanumeric
  • Client ID is unique for each client record
  • There are no duplicated Client Names
  • All entries for fields that are List Values are entered in the appropriate List Value List Type in PensionPro with no trailing spaces
  • Addresses are complete (Address 1, City, State, Zipcode are all entered for a complete address)
  • Address State is entered in the two-letter abbreviation for state
  • Addresses are not foreign
  • Phone Number entries are complete and contain only numbers without extensions
  • Search Text contains at least 3 characters if entered
  • If Note Text is entered, it is less than 2000 characters
  • Client records were not previously entered in PensionPro
  • The Client ID field on the Plans tab references either a Client entered on the Clients tab or one that was previously entered in PensionPro
  • Plan ID contains between 3 and 25 alphanumeric characters
  • Plan ID is unique to each Plan Entry
  • If Software Plan ID is entered, it is at least 3 characters long
  • If Trust ID is entered, it is the Trust ID for the Plan (not the EIN)
  • IRS Plan Number is 3 characters long where entered
  • Plan Year End Month is entered for each plan record and in the 2-digit month format
  • Plan Year End Day is entered for each plan record and in the 2-digit day format
  • Plan Records were not previously entered in PensionPro


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