The initial population of data into PensionPro requires that a pre-formatted excel data sheet be completed for import. This information can only be imported once, so be sure to make certain that the data is accurate and complete. 
*Note: List Values need to be created in Maintenance > List Values before importing data into PensionPro.
Tier Availability: All Tiers
Add-On Availability: SalesPitch 
Security Rights Required: Access Power Tools

To import Contact Data:

  1. Click on Power Tools > Import > PensionPro Setup > Contacts.
  2. Click on the Download Empty Template button.
  3. Using the empty template, organize and compile the data for import.
  4. Import the data sheet in PensionPro by clicking on Power Tools > Import > PensionPro Setup > Contacts. This will open the browser to the Contact Import page.
  5. Click on the Choose File button and select the file for import.
  6. Click on the Import Spreadsheet to import the data.
  7. Any errors encountered in importing the data will appear when the data is submitted for Import. Once all data has been scrubbed and the errors corrected, the import will show as completed once processed. All data must be formatted correctly before the import will complete.

Note: The system will not allow for duplicate emails. An existing contact record cannot have an email that is identical to another. PensionPro will allow for only 1 email to be notated in the system.

Instructions Tab

  • The Instructions tab is a color-coded Column Legend with instructions for filling out the import template. The color-coded columns in the spreadsheet allow the user to see what fields are required, related, recommended, or not required.

Contact Tab

  • Required fields: First Name, Last Name, Contact Preference, Status, Active
  • List Values: Address Type, Contact Number Type, Contact Preference, Grouping, Category, Status, Note Category, and Broker Dealer (if using SalesPitch).

Note: Importing contact data will not overwrite existing information in the system. Importing additional contact information merely imports the new data. Prior data is untouched. 


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