Projects can be launched from two locations inside of PensionPro.  The first is from the Plan Details\Workflow Tab and the second is from the Add Projects Power Tool.

Software Required: Essential, Premium, Business
Security Rights Required: Add/Edit Projects, Access Power Tools

Adding a new Project from the Workflow Tab

  1. Locate the Plan that the project needs to be launched for
  2. Click on the Workflow Tab
  3. Click on the Add button located in the upper right hand corner of the screen
  4. Select the Project Type and then the name of Template.
  5. Enter data for the list of required fields
  6. Click on the Save button or the Save & Open button to complete the process

Adding one or more Projects using the Add Project Power Tool




  • Once I launch a project, can I have multiple Project Tasks active simultaneously so employees can work on those tasks at the same time? Users can manually activate a Project Tasks so employees can begin work on those Tasks. However, a Task cannot be completed until all prior Tasks have been completed. To manually activate a Task, double-click on an inactive Project Task. An Activate button will appear in the upper right-hand corner of the Project task Items grid. Click the Activate button to activate the task.
  • Can I launch two different Annual Administration Projects for the same period against the same plan? Users cannot launch two Annual Administration Projects for the same period against the same plan.
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