How do I Import ASC Document Specifications?

Exporting your document specifications data from ASC is an easy way to import document specifications into PensionPro.

Software Requirements: Team, Core, Essential, Premium, Business

Security Rights Needed: Maintenance

Please note the following:

  • PensionPro has created a Document Specification Template that can be used as a starting point for your system.  It has the field names identified as the field names in your export.  To receive a copy, submit a help ticket and request it.
  • PensionPro requires an Effective Date for each import.  The ASC file has an EffectiveDate field but it isn't always populated with a value.  PensionPro requires a value.  Most clients elect to add a column for the Import date labeled "Import Date" and use the Effective Date in the template to represent the Restatement Effective Date. Just add a column to your import file and enter the import date as the value for each record being imported.  When mapping, select this field to map for the import effective date.


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