Add Intro Video to Your PlanSponsorLink Sign-In Page (Desktop)

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Follow the steps outlined below to add the Intro video to your sign-in page on


Add-On Availability: PlanSponsorLink, SalesPitch

Security Rights Needed: Maintenance

How to add add Intro Video to Your PlanSponsorLink Sign-In Page

  1. Login to PensionPro.
  2. From the Applications Menu click on Maintenance > Preferences > PensionPro.
  3. In the General tab select PlanSponsorLink from the Preference Type drop down.
  4. Add the below link to the Secondary Login Screen Message value field. You can edit the text within the tag (underlined) to customize it. You can also add text before and after the opening and closing tags. This is HTML code.

    <a href=""  rel="shadowbox;height=383;width=500;player=iframe" title="Navigating PlanSponsorLink">Need Help using PSL?</a>

  5. Save the changes to the preferences, then open your site to see the new link in the area below the login.


 Feature feedback


  • Avatar
    Marie Foy

    I added this to our PSL preferences but I do not see the video or a link to the video on our login screen?

  • Avatar
    Kevin Buckley

    Same here

  • Avatar
    Dianne Van Daele

    I just recently added the link information and nothing was added to the login screen