Importing FT William Document Specifications

Exported document specifications data from the FT William website can be easily imported as specifications into PensionPro. To export document specifications from FT William, please refer to the attached document Instructions for Downloading FTW Plan Specifications below.


Software Required: Team, Core, Essential, Premium, Business
Security Rights Required: Maintenance



Adding an FTW Template

PensionPro has created an FT William Document Specification Template that can be used as a starting point. The template has corresponding fields to your export.  To receive a copy, submit a help ticket to request it.

Adding FT William as a Document Provider

To add FTW as a Document Provider:

  1. Click on Maintenance in the Application Menu and select Preferences > Document Specifications.
  2. Click on the Providers tab.
  3. Click the Add button and then Add Document Provider slider will appear.
  4. Enter 'FT William'  for the Document Provider field.
  5. Skip the field for TPA Key. This will be used in the future for direct integration with Document Providers. Select the Preferred Checkbox if this is the firm's primary Plan Document Provider.
  6. Click the Save button.

Adding Document Templates Types

To add a Document Template Type:

  1. Click on Maintenance in the Application Menu and select Preferences > Document Specifications.
  2. Click on the Template Types tab.
  3. Click the Refresh button.
  4. Click the Add button to the right of the Document Template Types dropdown. An Add Document Template Type slider will appear.
  5. In the slider, click on the button beside the "Copy from Existing" field and select 'Volume Submitter 401(k) - PPA Plan - FTW' from the dropdown menu.
  6. Select 'FT William' as the Provider for the Document Type Template.
  7. Select a Default Status for the Document Template Type by selecting the desired value from the dropdown menu. "Active" is the most common entry for this field. If there are internal processes for the entry and approval of Plan Document Specifications, other statuses may be entered, by clicking the Add button to the right of the Default Status field.  For example, Pending or Archived might be appropriate. The selection made for this field will be the Default Status when Template is used when entering or importing Document Specifications.
  8. Enter a Template Name if necessary. You may wish to rename the template to match the checklist format the data was exported from FTW.
  9. Enter a Description for the Template.
  10. Click the Save button.

Exporting a Blank FTW Template

Once a Document Template Type has been created from the 'Volume Submitter 401(k) - PPA Plan - FTW' template, users can export a copy of their FTW template from PensionPro at any time. To export a blank copy of the template:

  1. Click Maintenance > Preferences > Document Specifications.
  2. Click on the Maintenance Tab.
  3. Select the Provider associated with the template from the Provider dropdown menu.
  4. Select the Template Type that contains the FTW template from the Template Type dropdown menu.
  5. Select "Specification Name" from the Mapping Style dropdown menu.
  6. The Export button to the right of the grid should activate. Click the Export button.
  7. Name and save the template. 
  8. Open the file from where it was saved.


Importing FTW Document Specifications

To import Document Specifications, export a data file from FTWilliam. Follow the link below for Instructions for Downloading FTW Plan Specifications. The file must be in an Excel format. The exported FT William file must also have all fields populated for EffectiveDate, a Plan ID field that matches the TPA Plan ID field in PensionPro or a Plan Name field that directly matches the Plan Name field in PensionPro. Effective Date (Plan Document Effective Date), Plan Name or Plan Id are all required fields for import.

Choose a File and Source

Once a data source file has been created:

  1. Click on Maintenance in the Application Menu and select Preferences > Document Specifications.
  2. Click the Import Tab and complete the steps in the order shown below
  3. Select "PensionPro" as the Import Type as this is a universal import format and accepts all imports. FT William is specific to that Document Provider's export format.
  4. Browse to select the data source for import.
  5. Click the Next button.

Choose the Identification Columns

  1. Select "FT William" as the Document Provider from the dropdown.
  2. Select the appropriate Document Template Type from the dropdown.
  3. Select the Field to use for matching records from the external data source to the Plan in PensionPro. The two options provided are TPA Plan ID or Plan Name.
  4. Depending on the matching option selected in Step 3, choose the column header in the external data source that contains the corresponding matching value. If using Plan Name, the value in the template must exactly match the plan name entered in PensionPro. If using TPA Plan ID, the plan ID field in the FTW export must match what is listed in PensionPro. Some TPA's choose to add a TPA Plan ID field to the export if the FTWPlanID does not match the PensionPro TPA Plan ID.
  5. Select the field in the Document Provider export file that contains the effective date (EffectiveDate) for the document specification version.
    • The EffectiveDate field must be populated in order for the import to process successfully.
    • The system does not allow two templates to have the same Effective Date for the same plan.
  6. Click the Next button.

Map Import File to PensionPro Document Template Fields

There are two mapping styles for matching data columns in the external data source to the fields contained in the Document Template in PensionPro; Manual and Auto. Since the FTW sample template has the same format of Document Specification Names as FT William, using the Auto Mapping function will be most efficient. Additional fields can be manually mapped if needed.

Auto Mapping

  1. Choose Auto from the mapping style dropdown menu.
  2. Select the Value 'Specification Name' to be used to Auto-map fields from the Import File to the Document Template Fields.
  3. Click the Execute Mapping button.
  4. The screen populates with three sections; Import File; Specifications and Mapped Items. Any remaining field names listed in the Import File or Specifications box have not been mapped for import. All successfully mapped fields will be listed in the Mapped Items box.
  5. Click the Next button.
  6. The Preview Information screen will appear to give the user an option to Preview Data and identify Problems with the Import by clicking the tabs on the left side of the screen. To re-import, click the previous button and follow the steps above. If satisfied, click on the Next button to proceed with the Import.
  7. Import data by clicking on the Unlock button and then clicking the Execute button. The Import Results will appear on the screen. Click the Finish button to return to the main Import screen.

Please note the following:

  • PensionPro has created a Document Specification Template that can be used as a starting point for your system. The template has corresponding fields to your export. To receive a copy, submit a help ticket and request it.
  • PensionPro requires an Effective Date for each import.  The FTW file has an EffectiveDate field but it isn't always populated with a value.  PensionPro requires a value.  Most clients elect to add a column for the Import date labeled "Import Date" and use the Effective Date in the template to represent the Restatement Effective Date. Just add a column to your import file and enter the import date as the value for each record being imported.  When mapping, select this field to map for the import effective date.
  • Currently, PensionPro does not have a datatype for templates of a percentage.  There is at least one field coming from FT William that is a percentage value.  "100%" will import as "1".  Development is exploring options for this issue.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • The system says specs with the same effective date cannot exist. What am I doing wrong?
    The system will not allow a plan cannot have two Document Specification Templates added with the same Effective Date. Either the prior template should be deleted or a new Effective Date should be entered.


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