Bootcamp: Using PensionPro for Extension Filings and Q&A (Desktop)

This video is the recording of our Bootcamp from July 11, 2016, discussing how PensionPro can help users manage extensions to annual administration projects. For more information on extensions and using the Extend Project button, please review Changing And Extending Project Due Dates.

Bootcamp Questions and Answers

  • Q: Where do we find the instruction on how to connect our PensionPro to our FT Williams account?
    A: Search the Help Center for the Integrating Software with PensionPro article and it will walk you through the setup process.  

  • Q: Is there a way to fill in the plan cycles with Project fields?
    A: At this time project fields do not link or have the ability to update a plan cycle field (for instance, updating a 5500 invited project field will not update the 5500 invited plan cycle field), although we are actively exploring this type of functionality.

  • Q: How are the 5500-EZs recorded using the FT William integration as they have no accepted date?
    A: EZ Filing dates will have to be updated in PensionPro manually.
  • Q: Since the 5558 is filed via a paper form, is the 5558 Filed Date that pulls into PensionPro based on the date the Form 5558 was created in FTWilliam?
  • A: As of the date of this bootcamp, the functionality to pull the 5558 Filed Date directly from FTW is not available, although that functionality should exist very shortly.   This Q&A and the Help Center materials will be updated with that information as soon as available.  
  • Q: If I have split our annual admin project into 2 separate templates - compliance and 5500 - can you update the deadline date for both to 10/15?
    A: No, you will need to choose the project that you would like to extend, then use the Field Update Projects Power Tool to change the due date for the other project.

  • Q: If we already log form 5500 filing dates in our admin projects can we use this data for the plan cycle reports somehow?
    A: You can, however, we believe that source data from your forms software will make sure that you don't miss any extensions based on inaccurate data entry.  You can extract the filing dates from your projects using the Project List values report and then import it to the Plan Cycle fields. 
  • Q: We batch create our 5558s.  Is there a way to batch complete the steps in the 5558 project since they are not done individually or do we need to manually update each step of the 5558 project?
    A: At this time we do not have a Power Tool to batch complete Tasks or Projects.  We do have this on our roadmap for a future release.
  • Q: Do you have a sample extension template so that we don't have to start from scratch?
    A: Yes, the template is attached below.