Overview of Implementation

Thank you for your purchase of PensionPro Software. Our business management software will bring a new level of operational performance to your firm. Feel confident that the decision to join our team will make a positive influence on your staff, your client servicing and to your bottom line. 


Successful implementation is the key to optimizing PensionPro's performance. While implementation goals are the same for most clients, each firm has different timeline based upon staff availability and the timing of the business cycle. Our agile process is designed to meet the goals of implementation while accommodating the unique business models of our clients. Humbly put, your success is our success! 



First Steps with Implementation


Even the longest journey starts with a single step. Implementing PensionPro as your workflow system will be an important job. If well planned, the process of implementation will be manageable, effective and successful.  Here are some useful tips to help with your success.


  1. Identify your Project Manager - The Project Manager is the person who will be mindful of the deadlines you establish for implementing PensionPro. As with most good systems, there should be a check and balance. It is most beneficial if the person doing the heavy lifting of implementation is not the manager of the project's timeline that is developed in item 3.
  2. Form your Implementation Team - Sometimes two is better than one. One associate may be good at data migration, another at project management, and yet another at project development. Though not necessary in every aspect of implementation, your team members should represent the different silos of your business (DC admin, DB admin, recordkeeping, onboarding, distributions, etc.). Though your highly technical and/or long term employees are crucial to the process, remember to include those associates who always seem to have the best organizational skills and love technology!
  3. Create a Project Management Chart - A Gantt chart or similar tool that shows the scope of the system implementation helps you navigate the process. Use a tool that allows you to prioritize your implementation project and assign responsibilities. 
  4. Flowchart your Processes - PensionPro's project templates can document the processes in your firm.  Unlike checklists, projects have flow.  Projects detail not only how to complete a task, but who is responsible, when should it be completed and what is being done.  Using a flowchart tool (even a white board) is very helpful for thinking through the construction of effective projects.  If staff members are used to doing things their own way, collaborate.  Your best minds can share information affording all your staff members access to your firm's best practices.
  5. Gather Existing Control Reports - Start with end in mind.  If you have reports currently in use that provide familiar data, or have some in mind that work to keep supervisors abreast of deadlines and give managers the key metrics they need, start with those parameters in mind.  Projects can be built and the system customized to generate those crucial reports.


Please remember, PensionPro staff members are available to assist in areas where you may need help. Good luck, and welcome to PensionPro!