Using The Global Employee Census Power Tool

The Global Employee Census Power Tool is the same function as the importing of a census file into an annual administration project but on a global scale. This will import census information into projects against multiple period end dates. Mapping is based on the TPA Plan ID and Project Period End Date.

Tier Availability: Essential, Premium, Business
Security Rights Required: Access Power Tools

Global Employee Census Import

  1. From the Power Tools Menu select Import \Global Employee Census. This Power Tool is equipped with a data sheet for populating.  
  2. Click on the export button to export a blank data sheet with pre-filled headers.
  3. Paste the data extracted from the administration system into this worksheet file or create a data export with the same headers and formatting for import.  
  4. Once completed, click on the file browser button and then select the data file to be imported. This file must be a spreadsheet with an .xls or .xlsx extension. 

If the import is successful, the Success tab will indicate the number of records that have been imported.  The Failed tab will display the details of any imports that have failed to be uploaded.  

If any errors are received, the user must correct them before reattempting this import process.


  • I imported my census data and the values for a collection field are appearing blank after the census was imported. Why aren't these populating in PensionPro? In order for the data to import, the column headers for collection field on the import template must directly match the Field Description Display Name for the collection fields in PensionPro.  Users can confirm the Field Description display names by clicking Maintenance > Preferences and clicking the Field Descriptions tab. If the column header on the import template does not directly match that Field Description Display Name, it will not import that information.

Fields Displayed:

  • Import By: Select either TPA Plan ID or Plan Name for the import file.
  • Employee File: Select the file to import with the browser icon and it will be displayed in this box.
  • Import Button: Click this button to import in the attached employee census file. 


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