Merging Company Details

The Merge Function in Company Details allows the user to merge two separate company records, combining their respective address, number, and contact information into one record.

Tier Availability: Track, Team, Core, Essential, Premium, Business

Security Rights Required: Edit/Merge Company Names


The Merge Function in Company Details is designed to merge two separate Company records, transporting all Contacts, Prospects, Addresses, and Numbers from a target Company to another and delete the vacant Company record. Once the Merge Function is executed, it is permanent and cannot be reversed.


  1. Search for the company name by using the Search feature.
  2. Double-click the company name from the Company Search Results.
  3. From the Company Details > Home tab, click the Merge button to the right of the Company Information grid. A Merge Company Slider will appear.
  4. Select the direction (To/From) of the Merge from the Merge Direction dropdown menu.
    • Select "From" if the current company record is going to be the record the user is merging data into.
    • Select "To" if the current company record is going to be the record the user wants to remove and merge data from.
    • The data direction and information will be confirmed at the bottom of the slider before the process is verified and completed.
  5. Enter the name of the target Company and select it from the results that appear.
  6. An alert will display at the bottom of the screen describing the direction of all Contacts, Prospects, Addresses and Numbers from one company to the other depending on the direction selected from the Merge Direction dropdown. Verify that the information is correct.
  7. Click the Merge Button at the bottom of the slider to perform the Merge process for the two Companies. A Confirm Company Name Merge pop-up alert will appear to verify the information a second time and confirm the merge. Click "Yes" to complete the process.


Users cannot merge two Companies where both have a Client record linked. In order to merge the two Companies, one of the Companies cannot have an affiliation with a Client record. 


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