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Dashboards are each user’s “home” in PensionPro; where a user can see various information related to the firms’ plans and projects. Dashboard tabs will vary from tier to tier. Here users can use these dashboards to view uncompleted tasks, manage sales leads, To-Dos, Milestones, and manage workloads. 


Software Required: Core, Essential, Premium, Track, Team, Business
Security Rights Required: N/A 

  Note: Some items may not be available in all tiers.

  Note: Tabs and fields will vary depending on the tier the user is on.




The Dashboard will display information related to the progress of projects launched in PensionPro. Information relayed in the dashboard tabs can be sorted, grouped, or filtered as desired. If a user has the View Other Dashboards security right, they can select to view other employee’s dashboards. 

Organizing Dashboards 

Users have quite a bit of flexibility regarding how they can view their dashboards. They can choose to sort, filter, group or reorder the information in many of their dashboards. Please note that changes to sorting, filters, groups, and reordered columns is not permanent and will return to defaults after the user closes out of PensionPro. 

Sort – To sort on a dashboard, simply click on a column header to sort by that column. 

Filter – To filter a column header, click the filter button and enter information to filter by and click “Filter.” 

Group – To group by certain data, click the Toggle Grouping button to the right of the grid and a grey banner will appear above the grid. Click and drag a column header to the banner to group by that column. 

Reorder – To reorder column headers, click and drag a column header to the desired location.


Dashboard Availability

  • My Tasks (Essential, Premium, and Business): This tab defaults to display project tasks assigned to the employee.  If the user has the Management security right , they may also view other employee's My Task lists or all tasks for all employees by making the selection on the dropdown list to the right of "Employee". To open a task on the dashboard, double-click on it.


  • To-Dos (Core, Essential, Team, Premium, and Business): This tab defaults to display To-Dos assigned to the employee. To-Dos are supplementary tasks or reminders that can be used to track other tasks that need to be completed but are not part of a project. The user may also view other employee's To-Do lists or all To-Dos for all employees by making the selection on the dropdown list to the right of "Employee.”   
    • To add a To-do:  
      1. Click the To-Dos tab.
      2. Click the Add button in the upper right-hand corner. 
      3. Fill in the appropriate information. A title is the only required entry.  
      4. Click Save. 
    • To Open a To-Do: 
      1. In the To-Dos tab, double-click the To-Do. 
    • To Edit a To-Do: 
      1. In the To-Dos tab, double-click the To-Do. 
      2. Click the Edit button in the upper right-hand corner. 
      3. Make desired edits and click Save. 


  • Scoreboard (SalesPitch add-on): The Scoreboard view allows users to track the status of sales and leads at a glance. Inside the tab there are subtabs to view Proposal Status, Revenue Pipeline, Influencers, and Prospects. For more information on the Scoreboard, please click on the “Understanding the Scoreboard” article here.


  • Milestones (Track and Team): The Milestones tab shows information related to the status of Milestones found in the Plan Cycles tab of Plans, displaying these annual plan events by Plan ID and Period. For more information on interacting with Milestones, read the “Using the Milestones Dashboard” article here.


  • Worktrays (Premium and Business): This tab will display all tasks that have been assigned to a team(s). The user will only have access to the Team Worktrays for the team(s) they are a member. Each team or all teams are options on the dropdown. 
    • Team Members can only assign tasks to themselves.
    • Team Leaders can assign tasks to any member of the team. 
    • A task must be assigned to be completed. For more information, visit the “Using Worktrays” article.
    • To Reassign Tasks in a Worktray: 
      1. Single-click on the task and click on the Edit button.  Hold down the Control key and click to select multiple tasks. 
      2. Select the name of the team member to assign the task(s) and save.  
      3. The task will then appear assigned in the Worktray task grid and on the employee's My Task grid. 


  • Management (Premium and Business): The Management Dashboard allows managers to view and reassign Employee workloads as well as open projects. For more information on the Management Dashboard, click here to open the “Using the Management Dashboard.” 


Frequently Asked Questions

  • If I filter a Dashboard and add grouping, does that hold if I close and re-open PensionPro? Filters and Groupings do not currently hold their place when closing out and reopening PensionPro.

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