Using Project Documents

PensionPro provides document storage on the Project level for all document files related to the project. Document files are loaded via a file type and can be marked as "Show on PSL" to be delivered to plan contacts with website rights for Reports. The document size capacity is 2 GB and only 1 Project Doc may be uploaded at a time. 


Software Required: Essential, Premium, Business
Security Rights Required: N/A

Adding Files/Documents:

Note: When adding a Project Document, close out of the document in the background of the computer. Otherwise, if it is open during the time of attachment, the user will receive errors. 


  1. Locate the Plan or Project that the file is being attached to
  2. Select the Files Tab for a Plan, or the Project Docs tab for a project
  3. Click the Add button located in the upper right corner of the screen
  4. Complete the required fields on the slider
    • File: Browse for the file you want to upload into the project. (Required)*
    • Title: This is the name of the file that has been uploaded. You can update the Title field.
    • Type: This is the file type to be uploaded. To add file types go to Maintenance > List Values > File Types. (Required)*
    • Description: This is a description for the file. It will be displayed on for contact to view if the Show on PSL box is checked.
    • Effective Date: This is the effective date of the file if applicable.
    • Mark as accessed: This box is marked if the plan contact has accessed the document or if the user wants to prevent the newly uploaded file from being displayed on the My Active Tasks screen on PSL
    • Accessed Date: This is the date a plan contact accessed the document.
    • Show on PSL: Check this box if you want the document to be displayed on
    • Archived: Mark this box if you want the document to be archived and no longer display on the project document screen or PSL
  5. Click the Save button to save and publish the file.



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