Using the File Bin

The File Bin allows documents to be easily accessible in PensionPro during the user's session. Users can open and save files from the File Bin as well as track the download or upload progress of files.


Tier Availability: Core, Team, Essential, Premium, Business


The File Bin can be utilized whenever sending or receiving external documents is needed. The File Bin can be found on the left-hand side of the PensionPro screen under the Company Directory. The File Bin will remain on the left side of any screen in PensionPro.


How to Upload to the File Bin

Files can be uploaded to the Files tab of a Plan or Project Docs tab of a Project. When users upload a document, the user can track the progress of the document upload in the File Bin. To upload a file:

  1. Click the Add button in the right-hand corner of the Documents grid. An Add File slider will appear.
  2. Click the file browser button and choose the intended document by double-clicking.
  3. Choose the File Type from the dropdown menu and add any other applicable information.
  4. Click Save.
  5. The File Bin slider will open displaying the upload progress of the file.

Note: The user must be exited out of the document when attempting to upload a file.


How to Download Files from the File Bin

Files can be downloaded from the Files tab of a Plan or Project Docs tab of a Project. When users download a file, the user can track the progress of the file download in the File Bin. Once the download completes, the user can choose to open or save the file to their machine or network. To download a file to the File Bin:

  1. Double-click the file to download.
  2. The File Bin slider will open with the file in the bin.
    1. Save As: Clicking this button will open the file explorer where the user can save the file to their desired location on their machine or network.
    2. Open: This button directly opens the file on the user’s machine.
    3. Close: Clicking the close button will remove the file from the file bin. This does not delete the document from PensionPro.


To Empty the File Bin

Users can empty the File Bin if multiple documents have been downloaded from or uploaded to PensionPro. This way users can find new download and upload progress quickly. To empty the File Bin:

  1. Select the File Bin.
  2. Click Empty Bin from the slider.

Note: Emptying the File Bin does not delete the file from PensionPro. It is only removing the file from remaining within the File Bin.


To troubleshoot the File Bin, please refer to Troubleshooting the File Bin.

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    Jan Catalano

    My File Bin has been getting stuck. Three times yesterday and today is stuck uploading.
    if someone can email me I can send a snip it of what it looks like now. Has been this way for about 30+ min. Thank you