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Projects can be created to allow for data collection through Data Collection can be used for Annual Administration Census/Questionnaires and General Web Collection.


Security Rights Required: Maintenance

In the Project Template (Summary Tab), "Requires Web Collection," is a checkbox setting that enables tremendous functionality in the system. This election builds the link between projects in PensionPro and the Tasks that can be assigned to your Plan Contacts on  Any template using Web Collection must have this box checked.

In the project, tasks in the data collection task grouping can be assigned to Plan Contacts by using "Unassigned" as the task role assignment. The content of the Data Collection Task Grouping is based on the Project Type. PensionPro has three Project Types with Web Collection functionality: Annual Administration and General Web Collection.  Click on the Name to find out more about each one.

In all web collection templates, the system requires the initial Task Grouping to be set to Data Collection. Additionally, depending on the project type, the system also requires specific tasks and task items in that group in a certain order. The Data Collection Task Group can not be modified such as removing or reordering tasks, it will disable the functionality of the system. However, task items contained in the questionnaire tasks can be customized to match your firm's questionnaires.

Additional Task Groupings and Tasks following the Data Collection Task Grouping can be custom to your firm's processes and procedures.  The remaining parts of the project may flow like all other types. 

Additional set-up will be required to configure your Preferences when using web collection projects. Preferences are located under the Maintenance Menu\Preferences\PensionPro. 

In order for Contacts to complete these tasks, they must have proper association with the Plan and Website Rights Assigned to access the steps of the projects. 

Finally, Notifications and Reminders of Tasks on to your Contacts can be done through Blast Email. 


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