Project Template Overview

Project Templates are used to create projects for your plans. The first step to adding a project is creating a project template to be used to define it. The system will copy this template to create a project for your plan(s). Templates are the blueprints of projects that are created and edited by the user. Projects are what finished templates become once they are launched against a plan.

Tier Availability: Essential, Premium, Business

Security Rights Needed: Maintenance

This video will show you step-by-step how to add a new project to PensionPro.



Template: A project template is a blueprint of the steps to be followed when completing any process for your firm. For example, you could create an Annual Administration Template to blueprint for the steps you would like followed every time administration is done and it would be used to create projects for your plans.

Templates can be set up for various frequencies; daily, weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly, monthly, quarterly, annually and even non-recurring. They are also have scheduled start dates and external deadlines. 

Project: A project is what a template becomes once it is added, or “launched” against a Plan. In the add process, the creator chooses a plan and a template and “launches” the activity to the dashboard in the form of a project. Once launched, projects are not editable. 

Template Hierarchy: Templates are organized into four levels.  To open a Template, double-click on Template Name from the Template Type Screen.  There are multiple Templates Types and selection on the one for the template is required.  You can move down into the levels but double-clicking in the section and up by clicking the up arrow next to the Template Name.


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