Getting Started with SalesPitch (Desktop)

Welcome, as a new user of SalesPitch, PensionPro's contact management system for Prospects, Proposals and Referral sources. This article will give you an overview of SalesPitch and links to several articles to help you optimize SalesPitch functionality. 


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SalesPitch Overview


Adding a Prospect


Adding a Proposal


SalesPitch Conversion Tool


The dashboard in SalesPitch is called the Scoreboard.  The Scoreboard provides real-time information to the user in order to avoid running paper reports and making follow-up activities with potential clients and prospects easy and identifiable.  The Scoreboards show lists of Proposals, Prospects and Influencers. Any of these lists can be opened by double-clicking the record to see the underlying details of the entry. There are also many hyperlinks to help the user easy access important data with just a click. There are four Scoreboards in SalesPitch:   

  1. Proposal Status - The Proposal Status Scoreboard displays general information for any Proposals that do not have a closed date entered on the Proposal screen.
  2. Revenue Pipeline - The Revenue Pipeline Scoreboard displays financial information for any Proposals that do not have a closed date entered on the Proposal screen.
  3. Influencers - The Influencers Scoreboard displays information about the Contacts that have been linked to Proposals and Plans in PensionPro. The Scoreboard will total both activity from SalesPitch, as well as Plan activity from PensionPro's core system, to illustrate those Contacts that are the most influential to business success.
  4. Prospects - The Prospects Scoreboard displays information about those individuals or companies that represent prospecting opportunities.  Prospects are typically those individuals or companies that a user would like to do business with but have yet to form a relationship.  For example, if Accountant A sends a user business, but is only 1 of 10 accountants in a firm, the other 9 accountants could be Prospects.

Like all dashboards in PensionPro, SalesPitch Scoreboards can be filtered, grouped and sorted to show important and targeted information. By grouping information on the dashboard, the user can summarize information to identify numbers of proposals by status, by sales representative, or even Investment Provider. For more information about filtering, grouping, and sorting, click here.


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