To Add a New Opportunity to a Prospect follow the steps below.

Tier Availability:  All Product Tiers

Add-On Availability: SalesPitch

Security Rights Required: Maintenance, Access SalesPitch

  1. To Add an Opportunity, simply select "Save & Add Opportunity" in the save process of adding a Prospect or click on the add icon on the Opportunities Tab of the Prospect. 
  2. Complete all required fields as noted at the bottom of the slider in both methods and save.
  3. Enter "Save & Open" to open the opportunity or "Save & Add Proposal" to continue with the add wizard. When you use the add wizard it will save you from manually entering titles and the system will seamlessly flow through the addition process for you.

Fields Displayed:

  • Title: This is the title of the opportunity.
  • Type: This is the Opportunity Plan Type associated with this opportunity.
  • Start Date: This is the start date of this opportunity.
  • Status:  This is the opportunity status for this opportunity.


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