Activity & Audit Logs

At times, it can be extremely important to have record of user interactions with the PensionPro application, be they an Employee updating Plan information or a Contact sending a Secure File Exchange. PensionPro tracks this activity, and can provide this information in the form of a log.


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Logs are maintained for each PensionPro user. This includes both Employees who utilize the PensionPro application as well as Contacts who use PlanSponsorLink. Records of these events can be retrieved on a per-user basis, or can be exported at a firm-wide level.


Note: PensionPro retains each logged event for one month. Logs cannot be retrieved prior to this point.


PensionPro provides three different types of logs: Activity, Audit, and Authentication logs.



Activity Logs


The Activity Log tracks general user actions while using PensionPro and the date and time that they were performed. This includes the following activities:


  • Viewing records
  • Performing a search
  • Using Data Deletion
  • Executing a Power Tool
  • Creating a Merge Document
  • Sending a Secure File Exchange
  • Sending a Blast Email
  • Viewing a report
  • Executing a saved Fetch query
  • Enabling/disabling Multi-Factor Authentication
  • Viewing PlanSponsorLink tabs & Data Collection



Audit Logs


An Audit Log tracks changes made to PensionPro records such as Clients and Plans. This log details whether a record was added, updated, or deleted, as well as the date and time the action occurred.


Note: Unlike the other logs, which update instantaneously, Audit logs are updated every five minutes.



Authentication Logs


The Authentication Log stores a record of each time authorization was granted to a user attempting to access PensionPro. In most cases, this will be when the user logs in to the application. PensionPro records the IP address and timestamp, as well as the area where authorization was granted, including the following:


  • PensionPro
  • Fetch
  • PlanSponsorLink



Viewing Individual Logs


Activity, Audit, and Authentication logs can be viewed in PensionPro for both Contacts and Employees.



Contact Logs


  1. Open the desired Contact in a new Contact tab.
  2. Expand the Logs view category in the list on the left.
  3. Select either Activity, Audit, or Authentication. The appropriate log displays in the grid.


Note: Contact records linked to Employees do not contain any logs; these must instead be accessed from the Employee tab per the below instructions.



Employee Logs


Security Rights Required: Add/Edit Employee


  1. Open the desired Employee in a new Employee tab.
  2. Expand the Logs view category in the list on the left.
  3. Select either Activity, Audit, or Authentication. The appropriate log displays in the grid.



Exporting Firm Logs


Firm-wide Activity, Audit, and Authentication logs cannot be viewed in PensionPro directly, but can be exported when necessary.


Security Rights Required: Maintenance


  1. Navigate to Maintenance > Firms/Locations. The Firm tab opens to the General view.
  2. Select Moremore_options.png at the top-right of the grid, then select one of the following options from the menu, as desired:
    • Activity Logs Export
    • Audit Logs Export
    • Authentication Logs Export


When selected, the exported log is downloaded in .csv format.