Error Logs

Some areas of PensionPro—such as Blast Email and Power Tools—may provide an Error Log when an action cannot be successfully completed. This article serves as a brief guide for using the Error Log.


In general, the Error Log only applies to operations that are performed on multiple records. When an error is encountered while performing one of these operations, PensionPro will display an alert message indicating that an error has been detected, and will provide a link to the Error Log. Select the link to open a new Error Log tab.


The Error Log grid contains an entry for each error discovered, along with a message detailing the reason for the error. If an entry references a PensionPro record—such as a Contact for Blast Email—the text will be colored blue, and can be selected to open the record in a new tab.


The contents of the Error Log tab are not saved, and will be lost if the tab is closed or if the browser is refreshed. To save a copy of the Error Log, select Moremore_options.png > Export at the top-right of the page.