Data Purging


Note: This feature is currently in a "partial release" state, and will be rolled out to all users over the coming months. Firms will be notified in advance and provided a date when the feature will be enabled for them.


Many modern security standards recommend—if not require—the deletion of any data that is no longer relevant to day-to-day activities. Retaining data that isn't needed presents unnecessary risk in the face of security breaches. In light of this, PensionPro provides the ability to automatically purge old Plan data after the Plan has been deactivated.


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How It Works


PensionPro does not delete Plan data once it reaches a certain age. Instead, PensionPro purges this data after the Plan has been inactive for a period of 6 months.


A Plan is considered inactive when it has been deactivated for all activity, per the instructions found in the section Deactivating a Plan within the article Adding, Reassigning, Deactivating, and Deleting Plans.


When saving the General Plan Information window after selecting the Deactivate For All Activity field, a message will appear to confirm the date that Plan data will be purged. The Plan is not made inactive until Save is selected again.


After the Plan is made inactive, all of its views—such as Employee Roles and Projects—will become inaccessible; only the General Plan Information will be visible. The Plan can be reactivated at any time prior to the purge date to view the hidden information, but the date will be reset if the Plan is subsequently deactivated again.


Once the purge date is reached, all Plan data will be deleted and cannot be recovered. The Plan record itself will be retained, but all data associated to the Plan will be removed. A message will be added to the Plan tab displaying the date that the purge was performed.


The Plan may be reactivated after the purge date, but previous data will not be available and must be recreated if desired.



What Is Deleted


The following Plan items are irrevocably deleted once the purge is performed:


  • Projects
    • This includes all Workflow data, as well as any other Project items such as Notes, Files, Time Slips, and Distribution data.
  • Interactions
  • Employee Plan Roles & Plan Contact Roles
  • Document Specifications
  • Services Provided
  • Investment Providers
  • Fee Schedules
  • Files
  • Notes


The following items are not specific to Plans and will not be deleted; however, they will no longer be accessible from the Plan tab:


  • Interactions linked to Contacts
  • To-Dos