Tier Upgrades - TRACK to TEAM

Thank you for your interest in the PensionPro Team Bundle! The following sections detail some of the new features that are available to firms upgrading from the Track to Team tier, including annual data collection, client interaction tools, and time tracking.


Note: Some features may already be included in your current add-on subscriptions.


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Plan Management


Annual Collection: PensionPro facilitates the process of retrieving yearly company and census data from the Plan Sponsor for the purposes of annual administration.


Files: To make managing Plan documents easier, Files can be uploaded to and stored within PensionPro.


Fee Schedules: Firms can apply Fee Schedules to Plans and manage them within PensionPro.


Document Specifications: Firms can add a Plan's Document Specifications, which can then be referenced by other areas of PensionPro.


Plan Cycles: Plan information that updates annually can be stored in Plan Cycles. Certain Plan Cycle fields can be updated directly from the Department of Labor.


ftwilliam.com: PensionPro can be integrated with ftwilliam.com to synchronize data and make it easy to access specific areas of ftwilliam.com directly from PensionPro.



Client Interactions


PlanSponsorLink: PlanSponsorLink is a web-based portal where Clients can submit census information during Annual Administration, access Plan documents, and more. PlanSponsorLink is customizable to align with your firm's branding.


Blast Email: Emails can be sent from PensionPro to one or many Plan Contacts. Email content can range from sending attachments, requesting employee census data, or simply sending holiday greetings. Recipients can be selected based on user-defined filters.


Interactions: A record of any communication to and from a Plan Contact can be saved to PensionPro as an Interaction.



Other Features


Time Tracking: Employees can enter time slips to track the time spent working on a Plan and the type of activity that was performed.


To-Dos: Follow-ups and other activities can be assigned to and tracked by Employees as To-Dos to ensure that a task is not forgotten.


Email Notifications: Notifications can be enabled for a number of events within PensionPro, such as when a To-Do item is assigned to a user's Dashboard. The user will be alerted to these events via email.


API: The Team tier unlocks the PensionPro API, which can be utilized by developers to connect outside applications to PensionPro.