Tier Upgrades - PREMIUM to BUSINESS

Thank you for your interest in the PensionPro Business Bundle! The following sections detail some of the new features that are available to firms upgrading from the Premium to Business tier, including additional security functionality and Project enhancements.


Note: Some features may already be included in your current add-on subscriptions.


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Security Role Management: System administrators can now apply Security Roles to Employees, making it easy to manage what PensionPro functions Employees have access to.


IP Whitelisting: Location-based access to PensionPro 2.0 can be managed by requiring Employees to log in from specific IP addresses.


Single Sign-On: Logging in to PensionPro can be made faster and more secure by connecting with the firm's existing identity provider.



Client Interactions


PlanSponsorLink: PlanSponsorLink is a web-based portal where Clients can submit census information during Annual Administration, access Plan documents, track Distributions, and more. PlanSponsorLink is customizable to align with your firm's branding.


DocuSign Integration: Our partnership with DocuSign allows Files uploaded to PensionPro to be quickly sent to DocuSign for E-Signature.


Fast Blast: Blast Email Templates can now be sent to a Plan's Contact Roles directly from the Plan or Project tab—all in just a few quick clicks.



Project Enhancements


Distributions: A special Project type contains functionality made specifically for managing and tracking Distributions.


Data Collection: Certain Project types include steps to be completed by Clients on PlanSponsorLink. These Web Collection steps enable the Client to provide information and data that is transferred directly into PensionPro.


Status Automation: Project Templates can specify a series of Statuses that will be applied automatically as the Project or Distribution progresses, making it easy to track what state a Project is in.



Other Features


Email Notifications: Notifications can be enabled for a number of events within PensionPro, such as when a Task or To-Do item is assigned to a user's Dashboard. The user will be alerted to these events via email.


Merge Documents: When a form, agreement, or other notice needs to be distributed to multiple Clients, Merge Documents makes it possible to create one template that automatically pulls in Client details, rather than making personalized changes by hand.


Events: Project Tasks can be tagged with Events, which are used to visualize and track Task activity for multiple Plans at a time.


API: The Business tier unlocks the PensionPro API, which can be utilized by developers to connect outside applications to PensionPro.