PlanSponsorLink Subdomains

When a Plan Sponsor is directed to PlanSponsorLink, they expect to see styles and branding that match that of the company they have been doing business with. This may present a challenge to some firms who maintain multiple sets of branding for different circumstances. Fortunately, PensionPro offers PlanSponsorLink Subdomains, which allows a firm to host separate versions of PlanSponsorLink—with differing preferences and styles—while still collecting and maintaining data within one single instance of PensionPro.


Tier Availability: Business Bundle

Security Rights Required: Maintenance


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Maximum Subdomain Limit


A firm can add new subdomains up to its maximum limit. By default, this limit is 2 subdomains, comprising of the following:



To increase this limit, open a Support ticket with the PensionPro Help Desk. There will be an additional recurring charge applied to the firm's billing cycle for each subdomain beyond the default number of 2.


Other information about PlanSponsorLink subdomain billing:


  • Increasing the maximum subdomain limit does not immediately apply additional charges.
  • A charge is only applied when a new subdomain is created as per Adding a Subdomain. PensionPro will display a dialog to confirm the additional charge.
  • The charge will be removed from the billing cycle if the subdomain is deleted.



Managing Subdomains


Adding a new subdomain is as easy as naming it and selecting a logo. Once created, each subdomain maintains its own styles and preferences.


All options for subdomain management can be found within Maintenance > Preferences > PlanSponsorLink Subdomains.


The grid on the PlanSponsorLink Subdomains page lists any existing subdomains, along with their logo and status. The Subdomain Name column contains the URL link used to access each iteration of PlanSponsorLink.



Adding a Subdomain

New subdomains can be created until the maximum limit is reached; the exact value may differ between firms.


To add a new subdomain:


  1. Select Addadd.png at the top-right of the grid.
    • A dialog will confirm that the new subdomain will be reflected in the firm's billing cycle.
  2. Within the Add Subdomain window, use the File Selection box to select the desired logo for the new subdomain.
    • The logo must be an image file; the image's dimensions cannot exceed 400 pixels in width or 200 pixels in height.
  3. Add a Subdomain Name.
    • The name entered into this field will become part of the URL for the new subdomain. As such, it can only contain alphanumeric characters and hyphens. This name must be unique, and cannot match the name used by another firm.
  4. Select Active to activate the subdomain and make PlanSponsorLink accessible via the subdomain's URL.
    • Deselecting this option will result in an error message when visiting the URL.
  5. Select Primary Subdomain to set the subdomain as primary. Email notifications not specific to a subdomain will be sent from the primary subdomain, and new subdomains will inherit any styles applied to the primary subdomain. One subdomain must be chosen as primary.
  6. Select Save.



Editing Subdomain Settings

Hovering over each existing subdomain in the grid displays the Editedit.png and Deletedelete.png options on the right-hand side.


  • Selecting Editedit.png will display the Edit Subdomain window, allowing the settings established during Adding a Subdomain to be edited.
  • Selecting Deletedelete.png will remove the subdomain. This action cannot be performed if the subdomain is still active.


To edit a subdomain's styles and preferences, double-click the desired subdomain within the grid to open it. The options available in the available views are individual to each subdomain, and can be edited to conform to any business or branding requirements in place for the subdomain in question.


These preferences within these views are covered in more detail in the article PlanSponsorLink Preferences.



Copying Subdomain Settings

Settings and preferences applied to one subdomain can easily be copied to another. This can be an efficient way to quickly set up a new subdomain, or apply changes that were previously in testing.


Note: This feature does not copy the PSL Logo.
Warning: Changes applied using this feature can only be reverted manually.


To copy settings from one subdomain to another:


  1. Select Moremore_options.png > Copy Subdomain Preferences. The Copy Subdomain Preferences window displays.
  2. Choose the desired Source Subdomain (containing the preferences to be copied).
  3. Choose the desired Destination Subdomain (containing the preferences being overwritten).
  4. Select Save.



Subdomains and Locations


To ensure that every Plan Sponsor is being directed to the correct PlanSponsorLink URL, each of a firm's Locations must be associated with one of the available subdomains. A subdomain can be specified when a new Location is added; this can be changed at any time by performing the following:


  1. Navigate to Maintenance > Firms/Locations.
  2. Select Locations from the Views list on the left.
  3. Hover over any Location and select Editedit.png on the right-hand side.
  4. Use the PlanSponsorLink Subdomain dropdown to select the desired subdomain.
  5. Select Save.


For more information on Locations, refer to the article Firms & Locations.


Because each Client record (and likewise, each Plan under it) is assigned to a Location upon creation, PensionPro is able to match a Client/Plan to its associated PlanSponsorLink subdomain based on Location. This is most useful when utilizing Merge Fields within Blast Email, as a Plan Sponsor can be automatically directed to the URL relevant to the Plan that they are responsible for. For more information on Blast Email and Merge Fields, refer to the article Blast Email.


It is worth noting that all data on PlanSponsorLink is shared between every subdomain. A Plan Sponsor has access to their account across all of the firm's subdomains, and can view and perform Data Collection on any Plan regardless of Location. In general, however, Plan Sponsors will only be provided a single PlanSponsorLink URL, and will only access the subdomain that is relevant to them.



Testing Subdomain


PensionPro provides a "sandbox" subdomain for testing purposes at no additional cost. This is a great way to experiment with preferences and branding without affecting any areas that may be visible to PlanSponsorLink users.


This testing subdomain comes with the following restrictions:


  • It is disabled by default. Logging in will not be possible until the subdomain is enabled.
  • It is not associated with a Location.
  • It cannot be deleted.
  • It cannot be made the primary subdomain.


Additionally, if accessing PlanSponsorLink via the testing subdomain URL, a persistent warning will be displayed at the top of the page, and a watermark will be present at all times.