Reassigning a Plan to a New Client (Desktop)

If a Plan was linked to the wrong Client, or a Client has changed identities and needs to be re-linked to a Plan, users can follow the steps below to reassign a Plan to a new Client. 

Tier Availability: Track, Core, Essential, Premium, Team, Business 

Security Rights Required: Add/Edit Client 


To Reassign a Plan to a New Client, follow the steps below: 

  1. Click on the Search Tab and enter the Client name that is linked to the Plan that needs to be reassigned. 
  2. From the Search results, double-click the Client’s name under the Clients column to open the Client Details tab. 
  3. Under Client Details, click the Plans tab. 
  4. Under the Plans tab, click once on the Plan to highlight it. 
  5. Click the Edit button to the right of the Plans grid. An Edit Plan to Client Assignment slider will appear. 
  6. In the box labeled, “Reassign Plan to new Client” begin to enter the new Client’s name. The text should start to populate with available matching Client name(s). 
  7. Select the appropriate Client Name that appears. 
  8. Click Save to complete the reassignment. 


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