Event Management Bootcamp

The video below is the recording of our Bootcamp from November 30, 2017 discussing PensionPro's newest feature, Event Management Bootcamp.


The video below is the recording of our event Management Bootcamp from January 4th, 2017.


Q: Do you get count totals by task assignment when you drill down
A: Great Question.  Currently, the total count is not being displayed, but will be in a future Early Access release.

Q: If you reassign a task in Event Management does it carry over into Workflow
A: Yes!  The Task data is shared between both systems so that you can work through either to update the Task assignment.

Q: Is it possible to filter the business intelligence data by Event?
A: Yes, it is possible.  Simply select the event row, then click on the View Event Report button to open a BI dashboard related to just that Event.

Q: How will stats update for tasks that are "returned"?
A: There won’t be any difference in how the Completed and Remaining Task counts are calculated when a Task is returned.  The counts rely on the Task completed date to determine which total column they appear in.  For example. If a Task was completed, it would show in the Completed column, but as soon as it is returned, and the completed date is removed, it would move to the Remaining count column.

Q: Can you add events to a project template?
A: Yes, you can.  Our examples were centered around populating existing Project Tasks with Event Configuration tags, but to make sure you consistently tag Tasks, you can edit your Project Templates Tasks to add the Event Configuration so that each time the Template is used the Task is already tagged.

Q: Is this only available in the Early Access version?
A: Yes, it will be promoted to our full production as soon as our feedback loop has been completed this year.

Q: Can you assign events to completed project, for example, to see if you can get the correct 2016 counts?
A: Yes, you can.  Simply use the Task Update Power Tool to tag the Tasks with an Event Configuration.

Q: Is there a report (from your standard Pension Pro reports) that incorporates the events?
A: No.  With the new Event Management Tool, our goal is to not force our users to rely on reports to get data.  With the new Export capability, users can now create an export to an Excel spreadsheet with filtering and sorting intact.

Q: What do you see the event category being used for so we can better determine what list values to use?
A: We will be providing some on our Help Center as the Early Access release progresses.


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