Adding Employee Details

This article will review Employee Details, including where to find details listed, a breakdown of what the details mean, and how to add signatures for employees.


Tier Availability: Track, Core, Essential, Premium, Team, Business

Security Rights Required: Add/Edit Employee (Not required on the Account Tab)


Employee Details are divided into four separate tabs. They are the Home, Locations, Security Rights, and Account tabs. Below is a summary of each tab and their function. Employee Details can be accessed by clicking the Company Directory to the left of the screen and double-clicking an Employee's name.

To Edit Employee Details:

  1. Click on the appropriate Employee Details tab.
  2. Click the Edit button to the right of the grid.



The Home Tab displays General Employee Information, such as their active status, date of birth, date of hire, and date of termination. 

  • Contact: The blue hyperlink of the employee's name directs the user to that employee's Contact Details screen where address, number, email and other information can be updated.
  • Active: Displays whether the Employee is active or not. Employees without the Active checkbox marked will not be able to log into the System.
  • Show on PSL: Displays if the employee should appear on PlanSponsorLink for any internal Plan(s) if PlanSponsorLink services are enabled.
  • DOB: The employee's date of birth.
  • DOH: Date of hire for the employee.
  • DOT: Date of termination for the employee.
  • Employee ID: Employee ID is the number associated with the Employee’s records on file. These numbers could be listed on badges, key cards, etc.
  • Billing rate: If employee’s time can be a billable expense, Billing Rate is the employee's charge per hour of work.
  • Employee cost: Employee cost is the assigned salary or hourly rate an employee costs the company.
  • Hourly overhead cost: A firm’s actual or budgeted cost for fixed costs associated with day-to-day operations.
  • Part Time: This is a Yes/No field that tracks if the employee works part-time.
  • Admin Task Performer: This is a Yes/No field that tracks if the employee performs administration tasks for plans.
  • Payroll ID: An identifier for the employee for payroll items.



Whenever a Client is created in the PensionPro, that Client must be associated with a Location. Locations act as a security right so that only employees assigned to the corresponding Location right can see Clients and Plans linked to that Location.

This tab displays the Location rights the employee has access to. The employee will only be able to see client and plan information for Locations they have access to.

To Add a Location Right:

  1. Click the Add button to the right of the Employee Location Rights grid.
  2. Select a Location from the Location dropdown menu.
  3. Click Save.

To Delete a Location Right:

  1. Click once on a Location to highlight it.
  2. Click the Delete button.
  3. Click Yes to confirm deletion.

To find more information regarding Locations, please refer to our article Using Firms and Locations.


Security Rights

The Security Rights tab provides a list of any security rights that are assigned to the employee. Users can add/edit/or delete rights, maintaining what the employee has access to in PensionPro.

For a full list of security rights and how to add, and delete those rights, please refer to our article Adding Employees and Security Rights.



Security Rights Required: Add/Edit Employee 

The Account tab is where users can edit an employee's login name, password, access to the Help Center, and Signature. Employee's do not need any rights to view or edit their own Account Tab.

To edit employee’s account details:

  1. Click the Edit button to the right of the Account grid.
  2. Make desired changes.
  3. Once confirmed, click save.

Login Name: This is the username the employee will use when logging into PensionPro. Typically it is the employee's email address. The login name cannot match another user's login name.

Helpdesk Access: The helpdesk detail indicates whether or not a user has access to the PensionPro Help Center. Track Tier users do not have access to the Help Center. For more information on gaining access to the helpdesk, please review our article Getting Access to PensionPro’s Help Center.

Signature: Users can add a signature for employees to display their email address, phone extensions, etc which can be seen in sent communications when using PensionPro such as Blast Email.

Updating Passwords

Employees can update their password in the Edit Access slider and by clicking the checkbox for "Update Password." Users should then enter their old password, update the new password and confirm the new password. Once those fields are filled in properly, the user can click Save.

Users can reset other employee's passwords by clicking the Reset Password button to the right of the Account grid. By clicking the Reset Password button, the employee's password will be reset. The employee will receive a temporary password in an email that is sent to the email address associated with that employee in PensionPro. The employee must use the temporary password the next time they log into PensionPro.


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