12/12/2019: PensionPro version


Improved user experience, now allowing users to delete contacts and interactions associated with that contact. 


Contact Details

  • PensionPro is No longer restricting the deletion of contacts if there are interactions from Secure File Exchange.
  • Users can now delete a Contact who is the "Sender" of a Secure File Exchange, all Interactions between the Sender and Recipients will also be deleted.
  • Users can now delete a Contact who is the "Recipient" of a Secure File Exchange, all one-on-one Interactions between that Recipient and any Senders will be deleted.
  • Users can now delete a Contact who is the "Recipient" of a Secure File Exchange, in a one-on-many Interactions between that Recipient, the Sender, and other Recipients, all interactions remain intact except for the deleted Contact. The deleted Contact’s interactions will be deleted.

Tweaks and Fixes


Dashboard: Resolved an issue where users without the Add/Edit Interactions security right were receiving a Security right pop-up while dragging the column header above the dragging line.

Login: Enhanced user interface for the validation messaging of the PensionPro Login screen. Users will now receive clear validation messages and provide next steps if they cannot log in.

Updated Version Notifications: The updated version notification now references ‘PensionPro’ as opposed to ‘Workflow’.

Helpdesk Account: Resolved an issue where users were unable to create Helpdesk Accounts from the Employee Details > Account tab. Helpdesk Accounts can now be created successfully.

Fetch: Resolved an issue where identical entries in a query were missing in the exported excel file. Now all records, including identical entries are shown in the exported excel file.

Document Specifications: Resolved a time out issue when Importing Document Specifications.

Contact Details: Resolved an issue on Contact Details that allowed the removal of a Company. The user will now receive a defined error message when attempting to remove the Company name.   

SalesPitch: Resolved an issue where the Influencers tab would time out. Users can now access the Influencers tab without error.


Log Files: Resolved an issue where users where unable to attach the workflow log files to emails while PensionPro was open. The log file can now be accessed and sent while the PensionPro application is open.


The PlanSponsorLink URL character count has been increased to 60 characters. This change will not affect existing URLs.

Help File: The Help page is now accessible when a user is logged out. Now when the user enters the direct link for the PlanSponsorLink Help page, they will be prompted to log in and will then be taken to the Help page.

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