4/20/2021: PensionPro version

This article contains a brief description of the feature and new enhancements in version


New Features and Enhancements

DocuSign Integration:

A new integration has been created between PensionPro and DocuSign for users on the Business tier. This integration will allow users to create E-Signature templates that are used to send documents to Plan Contacts for electronic signature. Users have the option to have the signed version automatically replace the unsigned document in PensionPro and PSL. An Interaction will also be created when the document is sent and will indicate the status of that document.

The following security rights have been added:

  • Add/Edit E-Signature Templates
  • Create E-Signature Requests

For more detailed information please visit Using the DocuSign Integration.

Reporting: A column for the status of DocuSign E-Signature documents has been added to the Interaction Detail List report.

ftwilliam.com Document Specifications Integration:

A new ftwilliam.com Document Specifications Integration has been added for users on the Team and Business tiers. The integration will allow users to update doc specs at the plan level with the click of a button.

For more detailed information please visit Integrating Document Specifications with ftwilliam.com.

General Document Specifications:

  • A new Power Tool has been added under Power Tools > Field Updates > Document Specifications to update the Status of Document Specifications that have been added to plans.
  • Due to recent Document Specification updates, users will no longer have the ability to use “None” when creating new Documents Specification Sections and Tags. Prior values coded as “None” will remain unchanged.
  • The Provider for all prior Document Specification Templates and templates not integrated with ftwilliam.com must be listed as “Common.”
  • To view plan Document Specifications on the plan Specifications tab, users will now need to select the current document version from the Document Versions drop down. This gives the user the ability to choose which Document Version they want to apply to the plan when multiple documents exist.

Fetch, Merge Documents, Power Tools, and Blast Emails:

Node/Merge Field names have been changed as follows:

  • Nodes in Fetch & Merge Documents will now be displayed as:
    • Description
    • Effective Date
    • Preferred Provider
    • Provider Name
    • Status
    • Template Name
    • Vendor Name
  • Tags will be displayed as:
    • Common
    • ftwilliam.com
  • Nodes in Blast Email & Power Tools will now be displayed as:
    • Document Description
    • Document Effective Date
    • Document Preferred Provider
    • Document Provider Name
    • Document Status
    • Document Template Name
    • Document Vendor Name
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