3/24/2020: PensionPro version

This article contains a brief description of the tweaks and fixes in version

Tweaks and Fixes 


Event Management: Resolved an issue where Event Counts were displaying incorrectly after drilling down to the Projects level. The Event Counts will now display correctly.

Project File Editing: Resolved an issue where users were unable to add/edit Distribution Documents that had duplicate title names. Users are now able to add and edit Distribution Documents that have duplicate title names.

File Bin: More descriptive wording has been added to the File Bin. When users upload a document and receive an error message, the cause of the error will be clear and steps to resolve the error will be provided.

Project/Task Assignment Power Tool: Resolved an issue where users were experiencing a time out error within the Task Reassignment Power Tool. Users can now populate results successfully without timeout.

Management Dashboard: Resolved an issue where the number of tasks being displayed were off. The number of tasks will now be displayed correctly.


File Access: Resolved an issue where users were Plan Sponsors were unable to view Files in the Documents Tab when the Display Type Preference was set to “Search.” Users are now able to view Files in the Documents Tab, when the Data Display Type Preference is set to ‘Search’.

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