PensionPro Release Notes Beta


1/4/2019: PensionPro version

This article contains a brief description of the tweaks and fixes in version

Tweaks and Fixes 


Distributions: Resolved an issue where Distribution templates would not allow users to reassign tasks when the Distribution project was launched. Users can now reassign tasks successfully for Distribution Projects.

Proposals: Resolved an issue where users would convert a proposal with a “Defined Benefit” Plan Type and the Conversion wizard would just spin. Users may now convert proposals with a “Defined Benefit” Plan Type successfully, without the Conversion wizard spinning endlessly.

Projects: Resolved an issue where users could only reassign an active Data Collection Project Task from Unassigned to an Employee once. Users may now reassign active Data Collection Project Tasks as many times needed.

Plan Cycles: Resolved an issue where users would receive a generic message when clicking the Refresh Plan Cycle Data button for a plan cycle when they did not have an integration with set up in PensionPro. Now if users click the Refresh Plan Cycle Data button and the Plan Cycle syncs with the Department of Labor, but the user has not set up their integration with the user will now receive a message stating that the plan cycle did sync data, but the connection with failed as the API Key is missing.

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