PensionPro Release Notes Beta


11/9/2018: PensionPro version

This article contains a brief description of the tweaks and fixes in version

New Features

  • File Merging: Business Tier users can now create merged forms using Plan, Project, Proposal, and Distribution data in PensionPro.

*The Merge Documents feature has been Pre-released to allow users time to update Project templates with Project fields and create\import any existing Word document templates that are currently being used.  Additional enhancements will continue to appear through the final release in early December. Enhancements

Data Collection

  • Added Show on PSL field to Employee Plan Roles
  • Removed the requirement to name the census import sheet “Employees”
  • Added new Collection Fields to the Census
  • Changed the “Thumbs Up” Approval step to match other Data Collection Steps on PSL
  • Update the Business step of Data Collection
    • Change the “Has employees” label to “Does company have employees”
    • The “Does company have employees” task includes a Yes/No dropdown menu instead of a checkbox
    • Qualified Plan Sponsored question was moved under the Does company have employees question
  • Updated the Company Step of Data Collection
    • An Entity Type value is required
    • Display Company Name above Employer Identification Number
    • Updated the NAIC code hyperlink
  • Display Web Collection Step Completed By

Distributions Tab

  • PlanSponsorLink sorts distributions by active first and then by Last Name alphabetically
  • The Distributions tab will only have a Search view preference enabled to assist with locating specific distributions

Secure File Exchange

  • The file name for Secure File Exchanges has been added to interactions in Workflow
    • This will be added to any previous interactions as well
  • If deleting the last contact on any interaction, this will delete the interaction itself
    • A prompt displays advising the user that the interaction will be deleted
  • An Incoming Expiration Days preference has been added under the Secure File Exchange preference type for
    • This is for files incoming from PSL and the default setting will be Never
    • Users have the option to also choose 7, 14, 30, or 90 days
  • All Auto Archive buttons, tabs, and functionality has been removed
  • All existing archived Secure File Exchanges without an expiration will be set to expire in 90 days (maximum allowed).
  • When sending a Secure File Exchange and the Cancel button is pressed, the user will now receive a warning message requiring confirmation they would like to cancel

Industry Bulletins Tab

  • Added a PensionPro preference under the PlanSponsorLink preference type for users to select how the Industry Bulletins tab and page is titled
  • Update PlanSponsorLink to read from the new preference instead of the static Industry Bulletins label

PensionPro Enhancements

Data Collection

  • The Project > Data Collection tab now displays additional data collection tabs to the left side of the screen for Annual Administration Data Collection projects.
    • A lock button has been added to each tab, allowing users to complete or unlock Data Collection steps for completion on PlanSponsorLink.
    • On the Data Collection > Request tab, users can download a report of the data collection similar to the Data Collection report for Plan Sponsors on
    • Users can track completion dates for each step of data collection on the Data Collection > Approval tab.


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