Navigating the Basics of Implementation

This article outlines the sections of the Help Center that will be most helpful in aiding new users to set up PensionPro and convert data during the implementation process. Click the links below to be directed to the article listed underneath each section.


Tier Availability: Track, Core, Essential, Premium, Team, Business

Add-On Availability: PlanSponsorLink, SalesPitch


Installing PensionPro

Downloading and Installing PensionPro

Downloading and Installing Fetch


Adding Employees and Security Rights

Adding Employees and Security Rights


Creating Preferences

Using Firms and Locations

Maintaining List Values

Creating/Maintaining PensionPro Preferences

Utilizing the Help Menu and Help Center

Overview of Implementation

Getting Access to PensionPro's Help Center


Converting and Adding Data

Using the Express Import Tool

Importing Data With The Ftwilliam.Com Import Power Tool

Importing Data Using The DOL Import Power Tool

Importing Client and Plan Data

Adding Employees and Security Rights

Importing Employee Plan Roles

Importing Contact Data

Importing Plan Contact Roles

Importing Employer Data

Importing Investment Provider Data

Importing Notes


Creating Projects

Tier Availability: Essential, Premium, Business

Overview of Project Template Development

Creating a Worktray

Adding/Editing List Values - Template Data Types

Building Project Templates

Launching Projects Templates


Creating Distributions

Tier Availability: Premium, Business

Getting Started with Distributions

Distribution Sample Templates


Using Blast Email

Tier Availability: Team, Core, Essential, Premium, Business

Blast Email Overview

Using Blast Email for Annual Administration Projects

Guide to Using Blast Email


Using PlanSponsorLink

Tier Availability: Team, Core, Essential, Premium, Business

Add-On Availability: PlanSponsorLink

Creating/Maintaining PensionPro Preferences (Field Descriptions, Web Steps, Collection Fields)

Creating Blast Email for New PlanSponsorLink Users

Navigating PlanSponsorLink

Understanding The Data Collection Process On PlanSponsorLink

Using Secure File Exchange




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