PSL User Preferences

PlanSponsorLink was updated with some new user preference features to help organize and track projects and documents. For users with a large amount of information stored on PSL, the data can be displayed via search results versus the standard grouping by plan. Users can adjust their User Preferences settings to enable this new feature.


Add-On Availability: PlanSponsorLink



Edit User Preferences from PlanSponsorLink


Users have the ability to update their User Preferences within PlanSponsorLink. Below are directions to view and edit a user's preferences.


  1. Log into the PlanSponsorLink website.
  2. At the top-right of the screen hover the cursor over the arrow next to the user's name to expand selections.
  3. Click on User Preferences. A PlanSponsorLink User Preferences tab will appear.
  4. From the User Preferences tab, Select either Grouped or Search for the Data Display Type Value dropdown.
    • If Search is selected as the Data Display Type, Choose the default page size for paging value from the dropdown menu. This will set the default number of results per page when an item is searched.
  5. Click Save to complete.



Edit User Preferences from the Contact Details Screen


Employees can edit a Plan Sponsor's PlanSponsorLink User Preferences from the Contact Details screen. Below are directions to view and edit a contact's PlanSponsorLink Data Display Type and PlanSponsorLink Default Page Size. To edit a contact's PSL Data Display Type and Default Page Size, users need the Add/Edit Contact security right. The Plan Sponsor will need to log onto PlanSponsorLink before the PSL Data Display Type field will appear in the Contact Details screen.


  1. Browse to a contact's Contact tab. 
  2. Select the General view. If PSL Data Display Type and PSL Default Page Size are already set, they will appear towards the bottom of the grid.
  3. Click the Edit button an the top-right of the grid. The Edit General Information window will display.
  4. Select the PSL Data Display Type from the dropdown menu.
    • If Search is selected as the PSL Data Display Type, select the PSL Default Page Size from the dropdown menu.
  5. Click Save to complete.



Using the Search Data Display


Using the new Search Data Display feature allows PlanSponsorLink Users to search for specific plans, files and projects to complete. This can be helpful to users that have a large number of plans, files and projects on PlanSponsorLink. The Search feature allows the user to search for a specific plan, project or file, while only displaying a set number of results per page. Simply enter a plan name, project name, document or file name in the search field and click the Search button.