PensionPro Release Notes

9/13/2022:  PensionPro version


UPDATE 11/1/2022: A default "Accessed On" date of 1/1/2000 has been added to Administration Form Plan Files uploaded prior to this release to prevent them from being unintentionally displayed on PlanSponsorLink.


Features in this release:

  • County added to Client Address:  The County field has been added for use with Client addresses.
    • This field is available in Merge Documents, Blast Email, Fetch, and External API.
    • The Annual Data Collection County Required for Address Type preference has been added to Preferences > PensionPro > Annual Data Collection.
  • Distribution File Protection: A PlanSponsorLink user can no longer edit or delete files that were uploaded in PensionPro. Additionally, a PSL user will not be able to edit or delete their own uploaded Distribution File once the File has been accessed in PensionPro.
  • File Access Log: Plan and Project Files now have an Accessed field that displays the date the File was accessed in PensionPro or PSL.


Fixes in this release:

  • System-generated Employee name update: For records displaying an Employee name where no Employee data is available, the system now uses “Pension Pro” instead of “Sys Admin”.


Other items of note in this release:

  • The PensionPro Help Center has received a visual redesign. A discussion of this redesign, as well as upcoming changes to Help Center content, can be found here.



**Note: Effective 11/16/2021, PensionPro has updated its Terms of Service. Click here to review the Terms of Service on our website.**