4/28/2022: PlanSponsorLink update:
***Based on user feedback, the First time user? link has been added back to the PlanSponsorLink login page.*** No PensionPro software updates are required for this change.


4/21/2022:  PensionPro version

This article contains a brief description of the new features and enhancements in version There is a new Click-once and MSI installer needed for the release changes listed below.


New Features and Enhancements

  • Email Address Change Notification: A new Notifications preference type, Enable Email Address Notification Change, has been added. If this preference is set to 'Yes,' a contact will receive a notification that their email address had been changed in PensionPro. The email notification will be sent to the existing and updated email addresses of the contact. The subject and body text of the emails may be customized.
  • Security Rights
    • Manage Contact Security: Replaces the Manage PSL Password security right. This security right allows the user to reset a contact's password and reset MFA for a given user on PlanSponsorLink.
    • PSL MFA Security: This new security right grants the ability to enable/disable MFA for all PSL contacts.


New Features and Enhancements 

  • Multi-Factor Authentication for PlanSponsorLink: The Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) capability has been added for users of PlanSponsorLink. If enabled, all PlanSponsorLink users will be asked to authenticate using a six-digit code delivered by email or text. For detailed information on the feature, please visit Using Multi-Factor Authentication for PlanSponsorLink.

Note: Enabling this feature requires a new security right, PSL MFA Security.

  • Removal of "First time user?" Link: The First time user? link has been removed from the PlanSponsorLink login page. A new user should, instead, click the Forgot password? link and then enter the appropriate email address to retrieve their password.



**Note: Effective 11/16/2021, PensionPro has updated its Terms of Service. Click here to review the Terms of Service on our website.**

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