12/09/2021:  PensionPro version

This article contains a brief description of the tweaks and fixes in version There is a new Click-once and MSI installer needed for the release changes listed below.



Tweaks and Fixes

  • MFA Email Notifications: The email sending account was adjusted to reflect the product it was being sent from.
  • Merge Fields in Merge Documents: Added the following fields: "PR_Project_Manager_First_Name" and "PR_Project_Manager_Last_Name" in the Merge Document Template Fields. 
  • Contact in Plan Contact Link Slider: Removed the ability to edit the name for Plan Contact Roles so that the new contact is added/given the website rights and forcing deletion if a contact isn't a part of the plan anymore so that the website rights are removed.
  • General in Plan Screen: Fixed "endless loading" bug on the plan screen when accessing the general information.
  • Blast Email: Fixed a bug in PensionPro Web where Blast Email templates originally created in PensionPro Desktop would include CSS from the template into the email message when sent from PensionPro Web.


**Note: Effective 11/16/2021, PensionPro has updated its Terms of Service. Click here to review the Terms of Service on our website.**

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