11/18/2021:  PensionPro version

This article contains a brief description of the tweaks and fixes in version There is a new Click-once and MSI installer needed for the release changes listed below




  • Portal User Linking: The process to manage the linking of a PensionPro Contact to ftwilliam.com for access to the Sign My 5500 button on PSL has been simplified. Click here to read the updated article.

Tweaks and Fixes

  • Try Early Access: The link to open the installer from the Help Center was removed from the Help Menu.
  • Blast Email: Users: Users without access to Fetch could not save Blast Email updates using the HTML editor on the tooling site.


**Note: Effective 11/16/2021, PensionPro has updated its Terms of Service. Click here to review the Terms of Service on our website.**

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