02/11/2020: PensionPro version

This article contains a brief description of the tweaks and fixes in version

Tweaks and Fixes


PensionPro: Resolved an issue with currency formatting for the Currency Data Type which showed 40000 instead of $40,000.

PensionPro: Updated copyright dates on the login screen.

Employee Plan Role Import: Resolved an issue where the import process would allow users to import two employees who were assigned the same Employee Plan Role. The system will now produce an error message when attempting to import two employees assigned the same Employee Plan Role for a particular plan.


API: Resolved an issue where the API limits were not updating after an upgrade to the Business tier. Now, after upgrading to the business tier, the correct API call limits will be set.

API: Resolved a field validation issue causing an invalid exception or bad request error message.


SalesPitch: Resolved an issue with the Conversion Tool where the plan month end would convert properly, but the plan day end would not. Both the plan month end and plan day end will now convert successfully.

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