6/6/2019: PensionPro version

This article contains a brief description of the tweaks and fixes in version

Tweaks and Fixes 


Dashboards: Resolved an issue in the Management Dashboard where users were receiving an error upon selecting the Global Reassignment tab. Users can now access the Global Reassignment tab successfully without error.

Worktrays: Resolved an issue where users were experiencing a delay and freezing when reassigning Worktray tasks. Users can now reassign Worktray tasks without delay or freezing.

Dashboards: Resolved an issue where data at the bottom of the Dashboard was being cut off. All data will now be displayed successfully.

Power Tools: Resolved an issue where new employees’ names were not appearing in the Project/Task Assignments Power Tool when attempting to reassign tasks by Employee. Newly added employees will now appear in the Project/Task Assignments Power Tool.

6/11/2019: PensionPro version

Tweaks and Fixes 

Interactions: Resolved an issue where Interaction records would not create when Secure File Exchanges were sent to contacts or employees. When Secure File Exchanges are sent, it now creates an Interaction record for the participants involved.


PlanSponsorLink: Resolved an issue where some users would experience an endless spinner upon clicking the Documents tab of PlanSponsorLink. Users can now click on the Documents tab and have applicable information load successfully.

PlanSponsorLink: Resolved an issue where PlanSponsorLink Style Preferences would not display within the user’s PlanSponsorLink site and only default settings would appear. PlanSponsorLink Style Preferences now display within users’ PlanSponsorLink sites.

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