8/20/2019: PensionPro version

This article contains a brief description of the tweaks and fixes in version

Tweaks and Fixes


Projects: Resolved an issue where users were receiving an error message when overriding the last task in an extension project. Users can now override the final task in an extension project without error.

Projects: Resolved an issue where the Plan Details > Workflow tab would not sort projects by due date. The Workflow tab now sorts projects by completion status with uncompleted projects at the top, then by the due date of the project.

Event Management: Removed the Plan Count, Projects Completed Count, and Remaining Counts from the Suggested Events tab to eliminate confusion since users may not have launched all of the projects for a Suggested Event. Counts remain on the Events tab, allowing users to verify the count accuracy on the Event Drilldown tab.


Distributions: Fixed an issue where completed distributions would not appear in a search in PlanSponsorLink. PlanSponsorLink users may now return completed distributions from search results on the Distribution tab in PlanSponsorLink.

Fetch Web:

Fetch Web: Resolved an issue where exporting query results for some project fields with a text Data Type would appear as a date format in the exported query results in Excel. Exported query results display exactly as they’re displayed in Fetch results prior to being exported.

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