2/14/2019: PensionPro version

This article contains a brief description of the tweaks and fixes in version

Tweaks and Fixes 


Fees: Resolved an issue where Fee Schedule Items were missing from a Fee Schedule when created. Fee Schedules have been enhanced to avoid timeouts, so Fee Schedule Items are created successfully.

Management Dashboard: Resolved an issue where the Management dashboard would only display employee names in the dropdown if the signed in users was a Team Member or Team Leader on a Worktray. Employee names and workloads now appear for the signed in user with rights to the Management dashboard, regardless if the user is linked to a Worktray.

Files: Resolved an issue where users could not upload a file with the same name for unassociated Opportunities or Proposals. Users can now successfully upload files with the same name to unassociated Opportunities and Proposals.

Reports: Resolved an issue where users would get an error message when attempting to save report filters. Now users can successfully save and load report filters.

Fetch: Resolved an issue with Filters where users would add filters on Distribution Project Completed On Dates and executed results would bring back information outside of the filters. Fetch date filters now work successfully.

Fetch: Resolved an issue where users would get an unhandled exception when attempting to export queries with large text values in the Interaction Details node. Users can now successfully export queries.

Plans: Resolved an issue where clicking the Project Fields tab on Plan Details would cause an error. Users can now click on the Project Fields tab and have the applicable information load successfully.

Imports: Resolved an issue where the FTW Express Import tool did not assign an Administration Type value to plans, causing plan information to not appear on reports. The FTW Express Import now assigns plans with a “No Entry” value for Administration Type if one is not assigned in ftwilliam.com prior to import.

Merge Documents: Resolved an issue where users would get an error message stating that no valid merge fields were available when creating a merge document in the Merge Document Creation Wizard. Users can now successfully create Merge Documents in the wizard.



Data Collection: Resolved an issue in Internet Explorer 11 where users would save a date on the Employer Questionnaire step of data collection and the date would not appear after returning to that step. Dates now save successfully on the Employer Questionnaire step of Data Collection when using Internet Explorer 11 as a web browser.

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