10/05/2018: PensionPro version

This article contains a brief description of the tweaks and fixes in version 

Tweaks and Fixes 


  • ftwilliam.com Integration: Resolved an issue where the API key could not be left as blank.  The API Key may now be blank which will result in the integration being unverified and disconnected.
  • Notes: Screen would refresh without the Loading Notes Spinner displaying. The busy spinner will now display during the refresh of Notes.
  • Blast Email: When using the Project Period End merge field in the Subject line, 12:00 a.m. would also appear. This merge field has been corrected to only display the date when used in the Subject line.
  • SalesPitch Conversion: When converting a proposal, if on the conversion the “create plan in ftwilliam.com” was chosen as Yes, plans were not linking to ftwilliam.com. This has been corrected and converted plans will now display in PensionPro as well as ftwilliam.com
  • Merging Firms: When Secure files were merged from one firm to another, the expiration date was not transferring with the file causing invalid reminders to be sent. This has been corrected so that when firms are merged the secure file expiration date will transfer preventing the invalid reminders to be sent.


  • Inactive Contact: When a 5500 signer was marked as inactive, they could still sign into PSL and the “sign 5500” button would still display. This has been corrected so that any inactive contacts will be unable to login to PSL 
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