Changes to Importing Census on PlanSponsorLink

With the current release there have been a couple of changes to Census Importing. Now the system gives the Plan Sponsor the ability to map the columns from the census import sheet to PlanSponsorLink. This will assist the client in the importing of the census data. 


Tier Availability: Team, Core, Essential, Premium, Business

Add-On Availability: PlanSponsorLink


Enabling Preferences

To make sure that the Census Import Column Mapping is enabled

  1. click on Maintenance\Preferences\PensionPro
  2. In the dropdown choose PlanSponsorLink
  3. Click on the edit button
  4. Set Census Import Column Mapping to Yes
  5. Click Save

****Please note that this switch will immediately enable the Column Mapping feature for every all users of PlanSponsorLink.


Mapping/Formula Check

  • If the column headings in the excel spreadsheet are different then what is in PensionPro, then the user will see a screen which will Map Columns for Employee Import.
  • The client will choose a heading in the From Sheet column and a heading in the From System column and then click an arrow to move them to the Sheet>System column.
  • Once all of the columns have been selected the user will click on Import. 
  • Also, if the import sheet contains formulas, the spreadsheet will not import but instead an error message will return with the cells that need to be updated to import successfully.


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