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Good News! Our Help Center is now open to everyone. By typing in https://support.pensionpro.com/, the user will be brought to the home page of the Help Center. Anyone can use "Search the Help Center" to find helpful articles and/or videos.



Users that are on the Essential, Team, and Business tiers of PensionPro can click on the Submit a request button and sign in to submit a ticket. These users can also click on the Sign In button to view the My Activities, My Profile, and Change Password dropdown which is found by selecting the button with the Users' Name in the right-hand corner.



Using the Help Button in PensionPro

On any screen in PensionPro, the user can click the Help button from the Application menu. The PensionPro Help button gives the user the capability to access the PensionPro Help Center, provide feedback regarding the software, try the Early Access version of PensionPro, and find the tier and version number of their software.

  • Help
    • Clicking Help or pressing the F1 key will direct the user to the PensionPro Help Center. Please note that certain screens in PensionPro will display a blue question mark button in the top right of the screen.
      • Clicking these buttons will direct the user to the Help Center for related articles pertaining to functionality on that screen.


  • Give Feedback
    • Clicking Give Feedback will open a window where the user can fill out a feedback form to share thoughts about the software.



  • Account Maintenance
    • Clicking on Account Maintenance will bring the user to the Account Maintenance site in their default browser. In this browser, a user will be able to update contact information, update payment information, upgrade tiers and adjust add-ons.
    • Note: More information for Account Maintenance can be found here.
    • Security Rights Required: Account Maintenance


  • About
    • Clicking About will open a pop-up window which will indicate what tier, add-on(s), and version number of the software the user currently has installed.


Help Center Overview

The Help Center provides users with important updates, articles on using the PensionPro system, and access to the Community where PensionPro users can share ideas with each other. It also allows the user to Submit a Request if a solution cannot be found.

Logging into the Help Center will take the user to the Help Center dashboard. This dashboard allows the user to access:

  • Search
  • Getting Started
  • Products
  • Community
  • News and Important Articles
  • Submit a Request (Submit a Ticket)



Tier Availability: Core, Essential, Premium, Track, Team, Business

The Search feature allows the user to query a subject. Once the query is entered and the Search button is pressed, the user will be directed to a results page that shows all articles related to that topic, as well as any related Community postings.


Getting Started

Tier Availability: Core, Essential, Premium, Track, Team, Business

The Getting Started section is an overview of using PensionPro products. Clicking this section allows the user to view links to articles that provide information on software installers, setup guides, and reference material on how to use PensionPro products.



Tier Availability: Core, Essential, Premium, Track, Team, Business

The article links in the Products section help the PensionPro user work more effectively within the system. This section is organized by PensionPro product and/or feature to make it easier to find an article.



Tier Availability: Essential, Premium, Team, Business

The Community section will allow the user to connect and share ideas with other users. By clicking on the Community section, the user will be taken to the Community page which is organized by Topic and Post. The user must be signed into the Help Center to view Community posts.


Clicking on the Topics section allows the user to view a list of all topics within the community. Clicking on a topic will direct the user to posts related to that topic.


Clicking on the Posts section allows the user to view a list of all the posts within the Community. Posts are organized by Newest Post, Recent Activity, Votes, and Comments. Users can also create new posts by clicking the New Post button.


News and Important Articles

Tier Availability: Core, Essential, Premium, Track, Team, Business

Located near the bottom of the Help Center home dashboard are the News and Important Articles section. Users can find the current release notes, current news, and other helpful and promoted articles.


Submitting a Request

Tier Availability: Essential, Premium, Team, Business

If the user cannot find a solution after reviewing the Help Center's articles, then a ticket can be submitted by clicking on the Submit a Request button. When filling out a ticket, please be sure to provide as much information to our team as possible. Our Support staff monitors ticket requests Monday through Friday from 9am to 5pm EST and will respond to a request within 24 hours. Users must be signed in to the Help Center to submit a request. For help gaining access to the Help Center or resetting a forgotten password please refer to Getting Access to PensionPro’s Help Center.

To submit a request:

  1. Sign into the associated Help Center Account. Keep in mind that a Help Center account is set-up separately from a PensionPro account. While it is possible to use the same credentials when creating the account, these two accounts are not linked.
  2. Click the “Submit a Request” link on the upper right-hand menu of the support.pensionpro.com site, a “Submit a Request” page will open up.
  3. Fill in the text fields. When providing a description, remember to be as detailed as possible.
  4. Click the Submit button. Afterward, the page will open to a “Request #XXXXX” with the ticket information provided. Users will also receive an email confirmation to the email connected to the Help Center.

Helpful information to notate on the ticket include:

  • A description of the issue
  • The version of the software currently being used
  • Any browsers and their respective versions being used
  • Names of employees or contacts experiencing an issue
  • Screenshots
  • Any specific details that can assist in troubleshooting


Having trouble logging into the Help Center? Refer to the article Getting Access to PensionPro’s Help Center.



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