Using and Maintaining Notes

The Notes tab allows the user to store statements that pertain to a Client, Plan, Contact, or Project, if applicable. If the SalesPitch feature is available and enabled, Notes can be added to Proposals, Opportunities, and Prospects. Notes can be found when clicking on the Notes tab. At the top of the Notes tab there will be a number indicating the current amount of notes entered. This article will explain how to add, edit, and delete Notes. 


Tier Availability: Track, Core, Essential, Premium, Team, Business 

Add-On Availability: SalesPitch 

Security Rights Required: Delete Notes 


To Add, Edit, or Delete a Note 

To allow editing and deletion of Notes the preferences must be enabled. To do this click on Maintenance\Preferences\PensionPro and in the Preference Type dropdown select Data Security. Click on the edit button and an Edit Preferences slider will appear. Set both Preferences to Yes and save. 

Once the preferences are updated, use the Search feature to navigate to the details screen of a Client, Plan, Contact, Project, Proposal, Opportunity, or Prospect and click on the Notes tab.  

Add a new Note:  

Click the Add button and an Add Note slider menu will appear. Type a Note and select a Note Category. If the Note Category is not listed, it can be added as a list value. If applicable mark the Note as Important, which will add a red exclamation point next to the Note. If the Archived checkbox is checked then the Note will be removed from the standard Notes grid. To see any Archived Notes, check the Include Archived box at the bottom of the screen. Click Save when all desired information is entered. If the Note is entered within a Project, if available, the user can select to have it show on PSL by checking the Show Note on PSL checkbox. These Notes will show within the Data Collection project, as well as the Data Collection Report. 

Edit a Note:  

To edit a Note click the Edit button in the Notes tab. A slider menu will appear. Update the information and click Save. 

Delete a Note:  

To delete a Note highlight the Note, click the delete button, and click ‘Yes.’  

Filtering Notes: To view notes in either Ascending or Descending order, the user can select the Date column header to filter the results in the grid to be either newest to oldest or oldest to newest. 


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