Follow Year End Enhancements for 2016

PensionPro has added a few security and usability features to for the year end.  We have worked to replicate the existing PSL site to preserve the look and feel as closely as possible so as not to cause issues for you or your plan sponsors as the 2016 annual data collection season kicks off.

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List of enhancements:

  • We have expanded the password requirements to increase security. Plan contacts with access to PSL will be prompted to change their password after providing their existing password the first time they log into PSL if their current password doesn't meet the new security requirements.  If the password does meet the new requirements, the user will be logged into PSL without being prompted to do anything. The new requirements are listed below:
    • A minimum of 8 characters
    • No spaces
    • Contains at least 3 of the 4 following items
      • An uppercase letter
      • A lowercase letter
      • A number
      • A symbol (~ ! @ $ % ^ & * )
  • We have enhanced the data grids to allow for paging of information to increase the speed and usability of the site. The Employees census collection step is where your users will most likely notice the change.  They can now control the number of records displayed per page and easily move through the pages to locate employee census records. The totals for the columns displayed on the employee grid are now available by clicking on the View Summary link.

  • We have optimized the site to increase the speed of navigation for your users during the collection process.  Your users should notice a substantial decrease in the time it takes to navigate from tab to tab and through the steps for data collection.

  • We have replaced the PDF reports on the Data Collection tab for General Web Collection and Year End Data Collection with a new Excel spreadsheet.  The spreadsheet tabs correspond to the steps in each data collection process and also honor the security rights for the contact accessing the report on PSL. The new spreadsheet format also removes any issues related to HTML code showing from the questionnaire steps.

  • We have also enhanced the website security by encrypting passwords in PensionPro to keep your clients data secure. The new changes will remove the access for your staff to see contact passwords.  Employees, if given the security rights in PensionPro, will still be able to manually create a new password or reset a password for the plan sponsor or contact to access the portal. Once the contact logs in, the system will require that they update their password. This password will not be viewable by users of PensionPro.

  • We have added additional Census collection fields that you can include as part of your year end data collection process for employee data.  Make sure you have the latest version of PensionPro to access they new fields listed below:
    • Coverage Tier - Select the health insurance coverage tier
    • Cobra Participant - If applicable, mark that the employee is currently electing cobra coverage
    • After-Tax Employee Contribution - Enter the employees contributions that were made after tax
    • Mandatory Pre-Tax Contribution - Enter the pre-tax employee contribution amount if applicable
    • 457 Salary Deferrals - Enter the employee deferrals under a section 457 plan
    • Money Purchase Contributions - Enter the money purchase contributions amount if applicable
    • Beneficiary SSN - If applicable, enter the Social Security Number for the Beneficiary
    • Mandatory Employee Deferral - If your plan requires employees to make a mandatory contribution, or as a condition of employment, please enter the amount
    • Related Service Eligibility - If your plan allows for immediate eligibility due to prior related service, please indicate if the employee is eligible
    • Date of Entry - The date the participant is eligible to enter the plan
    • Compensation from Entry Date - For the initial participation year, enter compensation from the date of entry
    • Hours Worked Equivalency Rate - Enter the equivalency rate that corresponds to the hours worked.
    • Safe Harbor Match Contributions - For safe harbor plans enter the match contributions made during the year, if applicable
    • Safe Harbor Non-Elective Contributions - For safe harbor plans enter the non-elective contributions made during the year, if applicable 


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