Creating Blast Email for New PlanSponsorLink Users (Desktop)

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Three templates have been created to help communicate to clients the roll-out of PlanSponsorLink. They are Sample PlanSponsorLink Website Announcement Template, Sample Census Request Template, and Sample Census Reminder Template. These templates provide an introduction to the product, instructions on how to log in and access the information, and reminders to complete the census information. Refer to the Blast Email Overview article for information on setting up Blast Emails.

Tier Availability: Essential, Premium, Business

Add-On Availability: PlanSponsorLink

Security Rights Required: Blast Email


Adding a Blast Email Template

  1. From the Application Menu, click on Communications > Blast Email.
  2. Click the Add button to the right of the Blast Email Templates grid.
  3. In the Add Blast Email slider menu, add the information. Name and Mailing Type are required fields.
  4. Click on Use HTML box to use HTML-based text and add further detail to Blast Emails.
  5. Select the From Type.
    • This is where users can select who the email is sent from.
    • Users can either choose Employee Plan Role and then select a role below, or users can choose Static Email Address and type the address in below.
      • For the Employee Plan Role, the Blast Email will be sent from the employee who is assigned to the role for the plan.
      • For the static address, the Blast Email will be sent from the static email address entered. 
    • Note: If an Employee Plan Role is chosen and recipients are not populating as intended, verify that the employee plan role is in fact associated with the Plan intended to send the Blast Email to).
  6. Click Save.


Editing or Inserting Text within the Subject & Body Tab

  1. Double-click on the new Blast Email template from the Blast Email Templates grid.
  2. Click on the Subject & Body tab.
  3. Type or insert text.  
    • If HTML based, click the Open Blast Email HTML Editor button. PensionPro tools will open in a web browser. Type or insert text, add hyperlinks, pictures, or create a table.
    • Users can add Merge Fields from the Merge Fields grid to the right of the Blast Email Message Body or on the HTML Editor tool.
  4. Click Save.


Using the Attachments Tab

The purpose of this tab is to upload and configure files that will be attached to the Blast Email when users send them. A file can be uploaded by:

  1. Click on the Add button. An Add Bulk Email Attachment slider will appear.
  2. Click the File Browser button next to File to find the file to be uploaded. Attach the file from the browser.
  3. Add a title, and a description of the Attachment.
    • The maximum amount that is allowed on one email is 2,000 KB or 2MB.
  4. Click Save.


Using the Recipients Tab

The purpose of this tab is to determine who will be receiving the Blast Email. By clicking on the Refresh button the Email Recipients grid will be populated. There is no limit to the number of recipients selected. The list can be quite large, so in order to filter down to only those whom users choose to send the blast, filter options are available above the grid by clicking the Options button.

Recipients are pre-filtered based on the Mailing Type of the Blast Email.

Within Options, users see Data Filters and Selections:

Selections: This portion will determine which columns will appear when users refresh the recipients. Users will notice that some selections will be greyed out and selected. Email, First Name, and Last Name are selected by default; these fields are required for the basic Recipient refresh. Any others are determined by which Merge Fields were used on the Subject and Body tab. This way, users know how the fields will be populated when the Blast Email is set.

Data Filters: By clicking the Add button, users can create a new Data Filter to put limits on how much data is to be displayed. The first dropdown on each filter has the same information as selections. The second dropdown will change based on the first, but it allows users to determine what conditions are applied to any filters. The third and final field will contain the value with which users apply to the filter. 


Send Emails

In this tab there are two options, Send a Test Email and Send the Blast Email. At least one recipient must be selected in the Recipients tab for the Test Email to function. Click on Send a Test Email and enter an email address. When the Blast Email is completed and finalized, make sure that all the recipients are chosen in the Recipients tab and then click on the Send the Blast Email.


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