Coming Changes to the Help Center!

To our PensionPro family,


We are excited to formally announce upcoming improvements to our Help Center!


You've likely already noticed our biggest improvement: a fresh, new look! Thanks to the efforts of our Design team, the Help Center is sporting an updated, custom style that is easier to read, and falls in line with the rest of the PensionPro look—in other words, it's no longer outdated. Although the look has changed, the functionality has not; everything you need, from article searches to submitting tickets, is still available.


In addition to a visual overhaul, we are currently in the process of revamping our Help content. Over the coming months, we will be enhancing our articles in the following ways—some of which you may have already noticed!


  • Reviewing content for accuracy and completeness
  • Rewriting article titles and content for clarity and consistency
  • Providing clearer instructions, including adding images of icons where possible
  • Restructuring articles for more logical flow
  • Reorganizing and cleaning Help Center categories
  • Adding new articles to fill in the gaps


As the number of articles we have published is not inconsiderate, we expect this process will take quite some time; please bear with us while our Help Center is in this transitory state. Additionally, we would like to note that many of these enhancements will only apply to articles pertaining to PensionPro 2.0; content for the Desktop will be revised for accuracy where necessary, but no other changes are expected at this time.


Thank you for your support over the years; with any luck, these improvements will help us better support you in turn!